ACT Greens: On Youth Homelessness Matters Day, Greens call for more housing support for young people

Caroline Le Couteur, MLA

On Youth Homelessness Matters Day, the ACT Greens have reaffirmed the importance of accessible and affordable housing for younger Canberrans.

On Census night 2016, there were 531 people under 25 in the ACT experiencing homelessness.  Nationally, nearly 10% of people experiencing homelessness on Census night were tertiary student.  In the ACT, this figure was much higher, at 14.2%.

“In a city of our size, having over 500 young people homeless on any given night is unacceptable,” Greens spokesperson for Housing Caroline Le Couteur said.

“As the housing market tightens and our population grows, major investment in housing renewal is needed to ensure that all Canberrans can enjoy safe and secure housing—including for our young people.”

It comes as last week the ACT Greens passed a motion in the Assembly calling on the Government to at least maintain current proportion of social housing—a proportion which has slowly declined in recent decades. It also called on the Government increase supplies of affordable rental housing in the Territory. ACT Labor did not support the motion.

The motion also called for policies to further grow the supply of affordable rental housing. The latest Rental Affordability Index research shows that the ACT is a close second to Sydney when it comes to unaffordable housing for low to middle income households.