New partnership with Winnunga to deliver services in the Alexander Maconochie Centre

Shane Rattenbury, MLA

Winnunga Aboriginal Health and Community Services (AHCS) has commenced enhanced support at the Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC) focused on female detainees, and will move to full delivery of standalone health, social and emotional wellbeing services in the AMC in 2018, Minister for Justice Shane Rattenbury has announced.

The Independent Inquiry into the Treatment in Custody of Steven Freeman highlighted the need for improvements in a range of areas including cultural proficiency to more effectively manage the welfare of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander detainees.

The ACT Government is working to develop a safer environment for all detainees, especially Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander detainees.

Speaking at the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) board meeting, Minister Rattenbury said that “ACT Corrective Services recognises that increasing Aboriginal led services within the AMC is essential to maintaining cultural connection for Aboriginal detainees and improving overall wellbeing and safety.”

Minister Rattenbury welcomed the involvement of Winnunga AHCS in the delivery of health services within its culturally appropriate model of care in the AMC.

In order to achieve this ACT Corrective Services and Justice Health have been working closely with Winnunga AHCS to enhance their presence in the AMC. Winnunga AHCS has begun delivering social and emotional wellbeing services to female detainees who choose to access Winnunga AHCS in the AMC.

Over time, all detainees will have the option to access Winnunga AHCS services.