Why do the Greens support light rail?


The Greens support light rail because it will provide more efficient public transport options to service all of Canberra, and fits with our clean energy plan for the Territory. We plan to start light rail by connecting Gungahlin to the city. But, we're already planning for future stages that will stretch right through to Tuggeranong. As our city grows and expands light rail will play a critical role in keeping our now-small Territory connected and accessible for everyone.

Light rail is necessary for a clean, green future for Canberra. Light rail means we can reduce our emissions from car users that contribute to climate change, and reduce air pollution in our city. Just as we’ve planned to power our territory with 90% renewable energy by 2020, we must plan for a modern, fast, reliable transport system that will serve us through Canberra’s second century. As an electric system, light rail is compatible with a renewable energy future; some overseas light rail systems already run entirely on renewable energy.