Where’s Zed? Greens condemn Joyce’s attack on Canberra

ACT Greens senate candidate Christina Hobbs has slammed Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce's plan to force Canberra-based public servants to leave Canberra.

"This is blatant pork-barrelling on the part of the Deputy Prime Minister. Only the most rabidly partisan would deny it." said Ms Hobbs.

Ms Hobbs was referring to the Deputy Prime Minister's latest comments about forcing the 170 workers at the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority to move to Armidale.

"This move is opposed by affected workers, their unions, the agency's management and the National Farmer's Federation. What possible justification could this government have for ignoring all of the available advice?

"It's clear that Canberra's jobs and working conditions are coming second place to Barnaby Joyce's desperate bid for re-election - and what's even worse is the arrogant way he and the Liberal-National Coalition are handling the uproar."

Ms Hobbs said it was time for Zed Seselja to step up and do the job he's been elected to do for Canberra.

"This is just the latest attack on Canberra's jobs by a Government that has shown disdain for our city and treated the public service like a plaything. Barnaby Joyce is now trying to buy votes in his electorate and Canberra Liberal Senator Zed Seselja is just standing by and letting him do it.

"Mr Joyce has now told these public servants and their families that they'd better get used to the idea of moving or they will be looking for a new job - and the Senator Seselja has failed to call him out on his outrageous comments.

"These public servants and their families have every right to be angry. The Greens and I will continue to stand with them."

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