Greens announce $60 million for better walking and cycling infrastructure

The Greens have announced the latest plank of their transport plan, which includes a $60 million investment in walking and cycling infrastructure.


“The Greens are putting the community first by prioritising people and investing in cycling and walking infrastructure so people can get around our city, ” said ACT Greens leader Shane Rattenbury.


“We all want to be able to travel without the congestion choking our roads. That’s why the Greens will make a $60 million investment in building better walking and cycling infrastructure across Canberra.

“At this election, the Greens have a vision - and a plan - to make it easier to get around Canberra. We're committed to a light rail network that’s powered by clean energy, integrated with our buses, and connected to bike and walking paths.


Indra Esguerra, ACT Greens spokesperson for health, says the Greens’ plan is about building a healthy, connected and convenient city for the future.


“A city built for the community means a city where people can get around by foot or on their bikes safely and easily,” said Ms Esguerra.


“Prioritising people over cars and more roads, is not only better for our health but it makes our roads less congested when people do have to use their cars.


“Canberrans love to spend time outdoors and riding to and from work. The Greens are the only party with a plan to make it easier for everyone to get around our city - whether that’s by bus, light rail, on foot or cycling,” said Ms Esguerra.


Click here to download the initiative.