Greens pledge to lower the voting age

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The ACT Greens today pledged to lower the voting age from 18 to 16 years of age in ACT elections as part of a youth package launched today.

“The Greens will amend the ACT Electoral Act to give 16 and 17 year old Canberrans a say in their future and the future of their city,” said youth spokesperson Michael Mazengarb.

“Young people today are more switched on than any generation before them. Many rightly believe they should have a say at the ballot box about who gets to make decisions about their future.

“Decisions made today will affect young people right now, and potentially for the rest of their lives. Lowering the voting age means more people helping to shape our city, our democracy and our future,” Mr Mazengarb said.

Mr Mazengarb has also urged young people to get registered on the electoral roll in time to vote on 15 October this year.

“There are many eligible first time voters, including students and new Canberrans. The electoral rolls close will close on 16th of September, and I urge everyone to check they are enrolled to vote.

“Check your enrollment, and seize this opportunity to have a say in creating Canberra’s future,” Mr Mazengarb said.

Mr Mazengarb will announce the package today at a Youth Coalition of the ACT Election Forum. Click here to download the initiative.

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