Greens launch universal housing plan

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ACT Greens housing and homelessness spokesperson, Veronica Wensing, has today launched a plan to improve housing for older Canberrans and people with disability. The plan will ensure every new home meets the specific needs of the resident and is built to a Livable Housing Design Silver Level.

"I've spent years fighting for better housing in Canberra," said Ms Wensing.

"In my work, I've met people with disabilities who are forced to live with aging parents that are struggling to provide support. And I know young people with disabilities who have to live in old-age nursing homes because the right options aren't available.

"Older Canberrans and people with disabilities need somewhere to live, just like everyone else.

"They need a place to call home, spend time with the people they love, be safe and secure. Our plan will mean more of Canberra’s buildings and homes are accessible and safe for everyone."

Under the plan, the Greens will:
- Establish a transition plan ensure all new homes meet the Livable Housing Design Silver Level by 2020
- Develop training and transition programs for architects and builders with industry groups
- Provide government housing and demonstration projects for people with specific needs.

"The need for housing with universal design standards is only going to grow," said Ms Wensing.

"Now is the time to put the community first, and make sure everybody can find housing that suits their needs."

Click here to download the initiative.

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