Thousands of Canberrans feed into ACT Greens campaign

The ACT Greens’ campaign of one-on-one conversations at homes, the local shops, over the phone and at community events has found Canberrans are overwhelmingly concerned about public transport and cleaning up our democracy.

The Greens have:

» Visited and called 53,351 Canberran homes

» 1120 volunteers across 5 neighbourhood teams

» Delivered information to every household

» Knocked on 22,131 doors

» Called 31,220 homes

» Had over 11,502 in depth conversations

“I have been knocking on doors since January, and we’re hearing the same feedback over and over again. Canberrans want more and better public transport, and to have their confidence in our democracy restored,” said ACT Greens candidate for Brindabella Michael Mazengarb.

“Talking to voters in Brindabella, almost every day someone will tell me that they feel forgotten and ignored by the other two parties. And almost every day in Brindabella I have been talking to voters about the issues they care about.”

Leader of the ACT Greens Shane Rattenbury added:

"For the Greens, putting the community first means listening and making decisions with people, not for them. That's what the hundreds of ACT Greens volunteers, including our candidates, have done this election and will continue to do if we’re elected to the Assembly.

"The thousands of conversations we've had throughout both the Federal and ACT election campaigns make it clear that the Greens have a strong chance in every electorate this Saturday.

"We have called and visited over 53,000 homes and the message is clear: Canberrans want more and better public transport, they want their political representatives to listen to them and they want to know that politicians in the ACT will put the community first,” Mr Rattenbury said.