The People Have Spoken: Love is Love, Time for Marriage Equality, say ACT Greens

Shane Rattenbury, MLA
Caroline Le Couteur, MLA

The ACT Greens are celebrating that today the people of Canberra have spoken on the side of equality and human rights, delivering a comprehensive ‘Yes!’ for marriage equality.

“This unnecessary and divisive postal survey has stimulated robust debate on the private lives of people who simply want the right to marry the person they love,” Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury said.

“The people have spoken. It’s time to end marriage discrimination – it’s a common sense, human response, and reflects our community’s values.

“What remains now, is to ensure that the bill that goes before the Federal parliament and up for debate does not erode existing rights to equality. We cannot legally discriminate against a particular group in society just because other people’s religious or moral views do not agree with the results of the survey,” Mr Rattenbury said. 

“Sadly, we’ve seen instances of hate speech, scare mongering, lies and mistruths on part of some in the ‘Vote No’ campaign. A yes result today does not and will never take away the distress that this issue has raised for so many in our LGBTIQ community,” Greens MLA Caroline Le Couteur said.

“We urge the Federal government to now get on with the job they have been elected to do. Show some leadership, Mr Turnbull: bring forward the legislation for equal marriage now, and let’s get this done once and for all,” Ms Le Couteur added. 

The Greens are the only political party to have voted ‘yes’ – across Australia, with every MP, at every vote, every time.

In 2012, the ACT Greens voted ‘yes’ to pass legislation allowing same-sex couples to marry in the ACT. The vote was later overturned by the High Court, finding that the ACT law was inconsistent with Federal legislation.