Greens announce $5 million plan to tackle violence against women

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The ACT Greens have today announced a $5 million plan over four years to tackle violence against women during Women’s Health Week. Violence against women is the leading preventable cause of death, disability and illness in women aged between 15 and 44.

“We're in the midst of a domestic violence crisis, with women being turned away from refuges and services due to a lack of funding,” said Veronica Wensing, ACT Greens spokesperson for women and community services.

“Devastatingly, despite domestic violence and sexual assault being entirely preventable, it leads to unacceptable rates of mental illness, physical disability and death in women.

“Today, the Greens are putting the community first and to make sure that no woman who reaches out for our help is turned away. While the ACT Greens support the ACT Government’s Safer Family Package, we believe that we can do more to show leadership and achieve gender equality in our community.

“That’s why we're committing $5 million over four years to take on violence against women, including $2 million to reverse the funding cuts to women’s crisis accommodation services. We will also invest $150,000 every year to the Women’s Legal Centre to improve access to justice.

“These services are crucial to support women escaping violence. Vital women’s services are still reeling from the Federal Liberal Government’s budget cuts, and top of that they are facing unprecedented demand.

“We can fund these services so no woman is turned away. In a city as fortunate as Canberra, no women fleeing domestic violence should go homeless or be turned away from help,” Ms Wensing said.

The plan also includes:
» The development of a gender equity action plan
» Respectful relationships programs for all schools
» Increased funding for support women escaping violence
» A program of legislative reforms
» Funding for perpetrator programs to reduce violence.

Click here to download the initiative.