Reducing crime by strengthening communities

Shane Rattenbury, MLA

An Australian Institute of Criminology report released today confirms that investment in the Ainslie Avenue High Density Housing program is reducing crime and building community resilience.

Minister for Justice Shane Rattenbury said the report shows the approach to community development undertaken through the High Density Program has prevented and reduced crime.

“By proactively taking measures to strengthen the Ainslie Avenue community, we have reduced violent crime by 50 per cent and reduced property crime by 60 per cent,” Mr Rattenbury said.

Through the program, Reclink Australia works with the residents of the public housing sites to provide pro-social and law abiding community engagement and facilitate access to services.

This independent evaluation has demonstrated that the High Density Housing Program provides a realised saving of police time to government of at least $0.42 to $0.51 for every $1 invested.

The on-the-ground manager also played a key role in stabilising the mental health of disadvantaged residents and reducing the risk of homelessness. These actions also avert cost to the community and government.