Shane's news from the assembly

The ACT Greens had some big wins over the past two weeks.

Our Animal Welfare Bill passed into law, banning in the ACT the inhumane practices of caged egg production, beak trimming and sow stalls. This comes after almost 20 years of campaigning and seven Greens bills. The response has been fantastic, with congratulations coming from Canberra, around the country, and the rest of the world. Posts by Animals Australia, RSPCA Australia and the Australian Greens have spread across the social network with nearly 13 000 shares so far - the Humane Society International’s post on our bill was more popular than their Time magazine post on saving dogs in Sochi. We know that people all around the world care about the welfare of farm animals.

The announcement of $85 million in federal funding to help fix ACT lakes and waterways. This is a great outcome, and you may have seen the Canberra Times story about this being a “quiet victory for the Greens”, having shaped this policy from the start, with our proposal at the 2012 election and in the Parliamentary Agreement.

My opinion piece in the Canberra Times on the need to save green space in the inner north.

This front page story in which I advocate for the ACT’s right to legislate on euthanasia.

This sitting week also saw the tabling of legislation that will enable a huge expansion in the ACT’s renewable energy. The Bill will allow 550 MW of renewable electricity to be brought online to meet the ACT’s renewable energy target of 90% by 2020, which was set out in the Parliamentary Agreement. Minister Corbell announced the release of 1MW of community solar projects and another 50MW of large scale solar, on top of the 40 MW that has already gone through the auction process. It is expected that further releases will soon be announced, including wind energy from the Australian Capital Region and beyond. The Greens also see a strong role for small-scale solar, and look forward to seeing further incentives for households and small businesses to invest in renewable energy generation.

Out and about in the community

Some of the events I have attended recently include:

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