Shane Rattenbury Welcomes Greens' Newest Senator

Shane Rattenbury, ACT Greens MLA, today welcomed Greens’ Senator-elect Janet Rice who cycled into Canberra today after a long ride from Melbourne.

 “As the Abbott Government obstructs action on climate change, tears funding out of education and health, and punishes some of the world’s most vulnerable people who seek our help; Senator-elect Janet Rice will play a critical role in the Senate standing up to some of the most brutal elements of Abbott’s budget,” said Mr Rattenbury.

 “It was great meeting Janet at Hall today and cycling up to Parliament House with her and a peloton of Greens’ supporters to welcome her to Canberra, and celebrate her new role in our Federal Parliament.

 “We’re embarking on an interesting, and in many ways unprecedented, period of time in Australian politics. As of tomorrow, twelve new Senators will be sworn in, many of whom do not have clear policy positions on some of the most important issues to the Australian community – climate change, refugees and the future of our social services.

 “Every Green we have in the Senate is another Senator who will consistently and unwaveringly stand up for a fairer, more sustainable and more compassionate Australia.

 “I and the ACT Greens are very pleased to welcome Senator-elect Janet Rice to Canberra today, and wish her all the very best for what will undoubtedly be a meaningful and successful term in the Senate,” concluded Minister Rattenbury.