Seselja's marriage equality pledge a sham

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The ACT Greens have slammed Senator Zed Seselja's for misleading young people during the campaign by back flipping on his commitment to vote for marriage equality following a positive result in the plebiscite.

"I have been on panel after panel with Mr Seselja over the course of this campaign, and he has repeatedly reassured young people and supporters of gay rights that that he would respect the outcome of a public vote on marriage equality regardless of his opinion," said ACT Greens Senate candidate Christina Hobbs.

Ms Hobbs was referring to comments made by Mr Seselja on ABC radio this morning.

"Just last week, Mr Seselja told students on an election panel that he would vote for equality if a plebiscite succeeded.

"Not only is he out of step with community views, but he is clearly misleading people on this campaign. This is exactly why young people, why all people are turned off from politics.

"Mr Seselja was one of the MPs who worked to deny his Liberal colleagues a free vote on marriage equality. Now he is denying the people of the ACT their right to be heard as well.

"Poll after poll shows that Canberrans want marriage equality - at least three quarters of us according to the latest research. There have been countless rallies and community demonstrations where thousands of Canberrans have turned out to call for equality.

"Canberrans deserve a Senator who will listen to them and reflect their views - or at least have the guts to be honest with them."

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