Scrutineer on election night!

Scrutineer for the ACT Greens on election night and make a critical difference in those close seats!

Scrutineers watch the votes as they are counted and help to make sure that formality rules are correctly applied. Having Greens scrutineers can help to make sure that none of our formal votes are excluded from the count - and this October, every vote is going to count.

If you can help out on election night, please RSVP to this event. Someone will be in touch to let you know which booths we still need assistance with.

October 15, 2016 at 6pm - 8pm
Lucia Mayo Gösta Lyngå Jason Forest Ronald Jelleff Maxine Harris Allison Thatcher Ben Clifton annie close Christine Degan Esther Colmer Ericka Hill Damian Maganja David Proctor Mandy Proctor Petra Cram Helen Tayler

Will you come?