Scrutineer after Polling Day

While scrutineering starts at 6pm on Polling Day, the ACT Senate election will be close and we will need to have volunteers on hand to monitor Central Senate Scrutiny as it unfolds in the following two weeks. ACT Greens scrutineers will monitor votes as they are counted, helping to judge vote formality and make sure that every formal Greens vote gets appropriately recorded. We expect this to start as early as Sunday July 3 and continue during working hours for up to two weeks.

If you can help out with this, please sign up here and someone will be in touch. You can also sign up to an upcoming scrutineering training (see, which will cover the technical rules for judging vote formality, as well as let you know what to expect during the count and how you can be the most effective scrutineer. Expect to get pretty hands-on!

If you are particularly interested, you can download and read the Scrutineers Handbook, available here.


July 03, 2016 at 12pm - July 17, 2016
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