Safe for now

Breaking - the Greens, Labor and Palmer just voted against the Abbott Government’s brutal higher education cuts in the Senate. Our students and our higher education are safe -- for now.


Email the ALP and PUP and urge them to stand strong on higher education and not compromise on our students’ futures.


Make sure in your email you:

  • Thank the ALP / PUP for voting ‘no’ to Abbott’s brutal attacks on higher education and students today

  • Remind the ALP / PUP that it is unacceptable that this was even a question for our parliament. Higher education is critical for the future of our young people and our country.

  • Urge them to stand strong in the face of future attacks on our affordable, accessible education system. Part of living in a country that values the ‘fair go’ means ensuring that all our young people can access quality education - irrespective of how much money they’ve got in their bank accounts.

  • Share your personal story about why you value quality and affordable higher education. This could be a story about your own university experience, your hopes to go to university one day, hopes for your children or your belief that education is critical for the future of the country.

Let them know that you’ll be watching what happens to higher education with interest over the coming weeks, months and years, and campaigning actively to ensure that our students get a fair go and are offered real opportunities.

Submit your email below and we will pass it on to Minister Ellis and Senator Lazarus on your behalf. Alternatively, you can email them directly: and