An unlikely ally?

It’s Senator Ricky Muir’s first day today and rumor has it, he may not vote for the repeal of our carbon pricing legislation. Send him a welcome message and let him know just how important it is that we keep this important piece of legislation.

Here are some ideas you could use in your email to Senator Muir:



Dear Senator Muir,

I’m writing to you today to say welcome to the Australian Senate and to urge you to defend our clean energy legislation when the time comes for you to vote on the carbon price next week.


  • We have an carbon pricing scheme in Australia that has an ETS built in to it. Our current scheme of a fixed price is set to move to a floating price that is linked to Europe on July 1st next year.

  • Like you, I’m concerned about the impact of the Federal Government’s budget on families, but, the Energy Supply Association of Australia have stated that removing the carbon price will have a negligible impact on consumers' electricity bills at all - so we’ll be scraping action on climate change for no real benefit to the consumer!

  • All the evidence tells us that a market based mechanism to reducing emissions, like the one we have in place now, is the cheapest, simplest and most effective way to cut emissions.


Welcome again to the Senate and I sincerely hope you stand up for our carbon price in the Senate.



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