Statement from the Greens in response to Seselja's attack

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The ACT Greens are issuing a response to the following comments by Senator Zed Seselja:

“The Greens have not made any announcements relating to health, education, the economy, roads or even anything substantial on the environment. Instead Christina Hobbs has decided the light rail is the number one priority for all of Canberra, clearly she is not talking to Canberra families."

In response to these claims, ACT Greens senate candidate Christina Hobbs is listing each of her fully costed policy announcements for Canberra.

Ms Hobbs described Senator Seselja's attacks as disappointing.

"The Greens aren't the ones obsessed with light rail. Unlike Senator Seselja, who has narrowly pursued his anti-light rail scare campaign, we have been laying out our plan for a fair and sustainable Canberra since day one.

"We made our light rail announcement today after weeks of initiatives on education, childcare, health, supporting our homelessness services, and improving our infrastructure. Just weeks ago, I launched our landmark Renew Canberra package to transition Canberra's economy and create thousands of new jobs in research and renewable energy.

"It's a shame that Senator Seselja has failed to engage in any debate or discussion with us on our ideas.

"I'm looking forward to putting these attacks behind me and getting back to work in the final days of the campaign."

The Greens fully costed national platform is available here.

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