Making housing more affordable for renters (and everyone!)

Making homes more affordable for renters

The ACT Greens are putting renters on the agenda this election, with initiatives that enable investors to help fix Canberra’s housing affordability problem, and cut costs for renters heating and cooling their homes.

"Only the Greens are sticking up for renters this election," said ACT Greens housing spokesperson Veronica Wensing.

"Almost one in three Canberrans rent, but they have been ignored by the other parties and failed by the market.

“Paying rent shouldn’t mean you can’t then afford to buy food, clothing, transport or go to the doctor - that’s not affordable."The average rent in Canberra has tripled since 2000 and workers on average incomes - like pre-school teachers, hairdressers, bakers, shop assistants, bricklayers, and many more - are struggling to pay rent and make ends meet. Workers on the minimum wage can't afford to rent anywhere.“

The Greens are the only party prepared to put the community first and take action. We will support new approaches to affordable housing, starting with establishing a non-profit property manager: HomeGround Real Estate.

"HomeGround will increase the supply of affordable rental homes in Canberra by facilitating landlords who want to rent out their properties below market rates. It redirects management fees back into an affordable housing fund," Ms Wensing said.

ACT Greens climate and energy spokesperson Michael Mazengarb said the package would also include minimum rental and energy standards.

“Renters shouldn't be treated like second class citizens. The Greens will set minimum standards for all rental properties to make sure we aren't leaving students, young families, or anyone in our community shivering through winter and roasting in summer.

"At the very least, houses will be mandated to have roof insulation and draught sealing so that people can live comfortably - and spend less on expensive heating and cooling, Mr Mazengarb said.

"The Labor and Liberal parties need to face the facts - Canberra is one of Australia’s most stretched rental markets. Only the Greens will put the community first, including the over 40,000 households paying rent in Canberra,” said Ms Wensing. 

You can find the full initiative here.