Greens launch plan to Renew Canberra and create jobs

Hear more from the Greens in the Canberra Times coverage of this story.

ACT Greens Senate candidate Christina Hobbs has today launched the ACT's component of the Greens’ RenewAustralia plan.

“While both Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten talk about tackling climate change, they have locked us into the industries of the last century, supporting coal and vested interests,” said Ms Hobbs.

“It is a testing time for the ACT. Thousands of public sector jobs have been lost, yet our vision for a clean energy future and jobs in research could see us truly divsersify our economy.

“This plan will invest billions of dollars in research, innovation, and renewable energy projects, helping Canberra transition to a knowledge economy.

“Global warming is the greatest challenge of our time, but we're not seeing a clear plan from either of the major parties - and they have shown they lack the vision to capitalise on opportunities in the new economy. The Greens a clear plan for transitioning our economy and there are great benefits for Canberrans.”

Ms Hobbs said that while public sector job losses often made the headlines in Canberra, there is a bright future in clean energy for Canberrans.

“We know that Canberra needs to diversify and plan for the future. The Greens have the courage to drive the transition to a clean energy future, providing secure 21st century jobs across the city.

“We are already a world leader with our ambitious clean energy targets. This is a necessary next chapter in our clean energy story.”

Click here to download a summary of the Renew Canberra package. The complete RenewAustralia policy is available at

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