Greens call for protection of Tuggeranong nature reserves

Hear more from the Greens in the Canberra Times coverage of this story.

The ACT Greens have expressed concerns about the Government's proposal to develop land that includes nature reserves in the Tuggeranong Valley.

"We're very concerned that this proposal includes up to 90 hectares of river corridor and nature reserve," said ACT Greens Brindabella candidate Michael Mazengarb.

Mr Mazengarb was commenting on a Government proposal to redevelop areas between the Tuggeranong Town Centre and the Murrumbidgee River corridor.

"The Greens do support infill development, but it's very important that we retain our precious biodiversity and important riparian areas.

"We want to see a balance between development that meets the needs of people and Canberra's natural environment.

"This is a unique area because it gives Tuggeranong residents an opportunity to use the river corridor, but we need to make sure that our water quality is protected and development doesn't impact on river.

"The Greens want to ensure that we retain the important environmental values while also making our city more liveable.

"The Greens want to revitalise Tuggeranong. We need to be looking at sensible and responsible development. This is a unique opportunity to build a best-practice sustainable development close to a town centre with diverse housing options. But this shouldn't be at the expense of our river corridor."

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