Privacy zones to protect women accessing legal medical procedures

ACT Greens MLA, Shane Rattenbury, says the ACT should have privacy zones around fertility control and reproductive health clinics to allow women to freely access safe and legal medical procedures without fear of condemnation or interference. 

"The ACT Greens will be looking into legislation to create a privacy zone to ensure women are able to access the health services that they are entitled to in privacy, similar to existing laws in Tasmania,” said Mr Rattenbury.

“Recent protests outside an ACT Heath building have again highlighted the need for changes that enable women to seek this legal and medically-safe procedure.

“This isn't about religious belief or values -  it is a woman's right to access healthcare.

“The Archbishop and any others who disagree about a woman's right to choose should be free to speak about their beliefs - but not to upset or intimidate women outside a health facility, when they may be vulnerable or in a difficult circumstance.

 “This is not a freedom of speech issue; this is an issue of safe and accessible healthcare. 

 “Women have the legal right to medical privacy and the human right to make choices about their own health without interference or harassment,” said Mr Rattenbury.