Keep young people safe: Greens again call on ACT Government to implement pill testing trial

The law and order approach to drug use is not working, and people are getting sick, and dying, because of it. It’s time for an evidence-based approach to drug use, and for us to put the health and safety of young people in our community first. 

That's why the ACT Greens are calling on the Labor Party to join with us, and back a government-supported pill testing trial here in the ACT. Add your name to our petition below. 

Already this year, three young people have died in Melbourne from drug overdoses and 20 have been hospitalised. The ongoing political inaction on this issue is causing great harm and failing to meet community expectations to keep our young people safe.

Pill testing is already routine at festivals in several countries with successful results. It involves a simple, on-site test by medical experts, using portable laboratory-grade equipment, that allows festival-goers to have a pill or pill-scraping tested for toxic impurities that will harm or potentially kill them.   

Add your voice to call on the ACT Government to implement a pill testing trial this year:  

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