New passenger reforms see light rail on track to deliver

Shane Rattenbury, MLA

Canberra’s light rail service is one step closer with the second stage of legislative reforms passed today in the Legislative Assembly.

The Road Transport Reform (Light Rail) Legislation Amendment Act 2018 regulates the operation of the light rail as a public passenger service.

It addresses matters such as ticketing, and conduct and behaviour of passengers and persons engaging with the light rail service.

Infringement penalty amounts for certain light rail offences are currently being determined. The Government intends to make infringement penalty amounts for light rail offences consistent with those for other public passenger services, in particular, Transport Canberra buses, where appropriate.

The Bill also ensure that light rail drivers will be required to hold a Working with Vulnerable People registration.

Comments attributable to Minister for Transport and City Services Meegan Fitzharris:

“This Act will help us deliver an integrated public transport network across Canberra, allowing people to move about the city more easily and create new opportunities along the light rail corridor.

This Government is committed to supporting a seamless customer experience across public transport modes.

“This Act takes the first important steps towards this commitment – integrating the light rail and bus ticketing system enabling convenient connections for commuters.”

Comments attributable to Minister for Road Safety Shane Rattenbury:

“Amending the ACT’s road transport legislation to support the operation of the light rail is a significant milestone in the delivery of this modern and sustainable public transport network to the Canberra community”.

“This Government is committed to delivering a public transport network that meets community needs and is attractive and easy to use, encouraging more people to leave the car at home.”