Greens call on candidates to sign ‘Integrity in Politics’ pledge

The Greens have released the final plank of their plan to clean up politics in the ACT - a $10 million commitment to establish an ACT ICAC. It will have the statutory powers to investigate and adjudicate on allegations of misconduct or corruption.

The Greens are also calling on all parties to sign an ‘Integrity in Politics’ pledge.

"In NSW, ICAC has exposed the revolving door between developers, big business and politics. People are appalled that it is still going on," said democracy spokesperson Indra Esguerra.

"We are not immune here in the ACT. That’s why the Greens are committed to cleaning up our democracy. We will ban developer donations. We will get pokies money out of our Assembly, and we will introduce an ACT Integrity Commission. We will put people back at the centre of government.

“Everywhere you look, former politicians and their staff are taking on jobs with lobbyists, developers or big business. It's time to put an end to the revolving door between our political representatives and vested interest lobby groups.

“Our pledge calls on all candidates to support an independent ACT Integrity Commission to uphold standards of conduct, propriety and ethics; and investigate allegations of misconduct.

“We’re also calling on candidates not to take political donations from developers, pokies, or polluting industries. All fifteen of our candidates have made those commitments.

"Other parts of the country – like NSW – waited until it was too late to take this kind of action. We have an opportunity to learn from their mistakes and shine a light into the dark corners of politics in the ACT.

"Putting the community first means holding ourselves to the highest standards – and so far, the Greens have set the agenda and set the standard" said Ms Esguerra.

Integrity in Politics Pledge

As a prospective MLA of the 2016 ACT Legislative Assembly, if elected I pledge:

» To establish, or support the establishment of, an independent Integrity Commission with investigative powers similar to the NSW ICAC
» Not to raise money from property developers
» Not to raise money from poker machine profits or the gambling industry
» Not to raise money from polluting industries
» Not to raise money from the tobacco or alcohol industries
» Not to lie or mislead the people of the ACT in political advertising

If you are a candidate, click here to download and sign the pledge. The pledge can be returned to

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