Our Clean Energy Future: Greens unveil ambitious climate and energy package

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Today the ACT Greens launched Our Clean Energy Future, an ambitious plan to transition the ACT away from gas and achieve net zero emissions by 2030.

“The ACT is already leading the country with our 100% renewable electricity targets,” said ACT Greens climate and energy spokesperson Michael Mazengarb.

“Now we must transition away from gas - the ACT’s third largest source of emissions after electricity and transport - if we are to meet our target of zero net emissions by 2030.

“Canberrans have shown they are personally committed to taking action to reducing dirty, greenhouse gas emissions. The ACT Greens will support them to do that.

“Gas is expensive, dirty, and unnecessary, and the ACT Greens will stop the rollout of expensive new gas infrastructure in new suburbs. It is irresponsible to connect new homes to the gas network when householders can access cleaner and cheaper energy by using just electricity.

“We will also make sure people on low incomes upgrade their old gas heaters to efficient electric heating. For households that are already using gas, we will provide incentives to help people convert to electric appliances,” Mr Mazengarb said.

Mr Mazengarb contrasted the Greens' plan with the Liberals, who cannot be trusted to care for the environment or take climate action.

“Not only have the Liberals fought against climate action for years, they've openly mocked the efforts of environment and climate community groups who are fighting hard for our clean energy future. They have called our targets 'utterly unachievable', derided our solar and wind farms, and suggested we could simply plant trees to solve the climate crisis instead.

“The truth is that the Liberals can't be trusted on climate or the environment. Their recent backflip on our clean energy targets is just the latest example. They'll tell people whatever they want to hear and say anything to win.

“Only the Greens will care for the environment and take action against global warming. We have always fought for ambitious plans - and here in Canberra, we have set the agenda that the others have followed,” Mr Mazengarb said.

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