We're live!

Thanks to some incredible donors from our Greens community, our television ad is on air and showing in living rooms across Canberra.

We're now in the final sprint. Time is running out for us to reach voters before the election.

Watch our TV ad and then please chip in $50 to send it out even further.

This is it. It's game on.

We need to reach enough people to get spread the word about our campaign — and make sure ACT voters know that Greens are the only party who will put the community first.

WATCH our TV ad, and then help us send it to every living room in Canberra.

Shane Rattenbury MLA
ACT Greens Leader



Who's donating

Melissa Robbie
Graeme Kelleher.AO
Hugh Tyndale-Biscoe
Sue Wareham
Gösta Lyngå
Simon Rosenberg
Simon Copland
Jacqui Cole
Pamela Cossey
Michael White
Judith Gamper
Ian Sansom
Christine Degan
Tina van Raay
Patricia Saunders
Andrew Blanckensee
Anne Yuille
Adrienne McConvell
Stephen Padgham
Derek Wrigley
Ian Baird
Rosemary Royds
Patrick Dodgson
Maarten van der Kleij
Clare Lahiff
Derek Wrigley
Stephen Padgham
Gösta Lyngå
Maureen Regan
Contributions are tax deductible.

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