NSW Election Calls

From February 24th right up until the election, we'll be getting in touch over the phone with NSW voters to hear what's important to them and let them know why we support the Greens. 

What can you expect if you sign up? The night starts with a briefing where you learn how to make the calls and what sort of conversations to have with voters, as well as how to use our systems. You'll get the chance to practise and then, when you're ready, you can have your first conversations. You'll find that everyone is pleasant - not everyone supports the Greens, but most everyone is polite and friendly. There'll be plenty of other people making calls with you, too. We finish at about 8pm, and dinner is often provided. 

Each session will have a supervisor who will run you through the briefing. Supervisors take turns on a fortnightly basis, so we encourage you to sign up to shifts on a fortnightly basis. This way you'll get to know your supervisor, and the other people making calls with you.

No call sessions yet.