Canberra doesn't need more traffic or more congestion

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The ACT Greens have announced $30 million to fix and maintain Canberra’s existing roads - in contrast to the Canberra Liberals’ plan to chuck millions at building more roads and creating even more congestion.

“We need to fix the roads we’ve already got, not build more roads and create even more traffic in our city,” said ACT Greens Leader Shane Rattenbury.

“It doesn’t make sense to throw cash at building more roads if they aren’t looked after. It’s an enormous waste of money, and does nothing to help Canberrans get around our city.

“Wentworth Avenue is still being rebuilt after it was left to deteriorate to such an extent that the whole thing had to be ripped up. That’s the kind of costly problem our plan will avoid.

“Our plan will mean we have more money to invest in public transport to make it easier to get around our city - not more polluting and unnecessary road duplications,” said Mr Rattenbury.

Mr Rattenbury said the strategy contrasts with announcements from the Liberals, who have no plan to deal with congestion.

“The Liberals have no plan to tackle traffic and congestion - just lies and negativity. The best they can come up with is a scheme to turn Northbourne Avenue into an eight lane highway, with wall-to-wall traffic from the City to Gungahlin.

“It's the Greens who want to make it easier to get around our city. The choice at this election is clear - our plan to take care of Canberra’s infrastructure, reduce traffic and invest in more public transport, or the Liberals and their lies about light rail, about buses and our city’s public transport future.”

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