Shane's News from the Assembly (July 31)

As you may know, last week I released draft legislation that would make medicinal cannabis available to alleviate the suffering of patients who are terminally ill or in chronic pain.

The ACT Greens have long supported the science behind medicinal cannabis, and believe that people who are sick and dying should have access to treatment without fear of criminal sanction.

 In other parts of the world, medicinal cannabis is prescribed and administered by doctors just like any other medication. A poll conducted only last week shows that almost 66% of Australians support changing the law to allow sick people to use cannabis for medical purposes. I have received many emails and letters in the short time since I released the draft legislation, and it is clear that the community has welcomed discussion of this issue and is ready to support the legalisation of medicinal cannabis.

We would really appreciate your feedback on this issue. Our discussion paper and draft legislation are open for community consultation until September 15.

 As Greens Minister I recently:

  • Welcomed the new democratically Elected Body for the ACT’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community
  • Launched the Hepatitis Report Card at a forum for World Hepatitis Day
  • Launched the RSPCA’s Cupcake Day fundraiser. Click here to register an event.
  • Attended a meeting of State and Territory Corrective Services Ministers

Out in the community I recently:

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