Breaking News from Shane from the Assembly (Sep 25)

As Greens MLA and now Government Minister I am passionate about the sustainability of our city – streets that are safe for people to walk and cycle are a critical part of that. Today I am excited to see the tabling of a report that I’ve been working toward for some time – the ACT Government Response to the Inquiry into “vulnerable road users”. I moved to establish the inquiry because I know that so much more can be done to make our streets safer for those road users who are most vulnerable to injury – pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. As TAMS Minister and a member of cabinet I have been working through the recommendations of the inquiry, and helping to draft the formal government response.

 I am really pleased that so many of the policy, legal, educational and infrastructure reforms the Greens have consistently advocated for are now officially part of ACT Government policy. AS TAMS Minister in charge of delivering our roads and paths, I am really looking forward to getting on with implementing these reforms.

 Click here for more information and to read the full report