More community housing for Canberra

The Greens today announced the final element of their plan to make housing more affordable in Canberra with a significant investment in community housing for the ACT. 

“There are too many Canberrans struggling to pay rent and pay their bills. Community housing provides lower cost alternatives to private rentals and having more of it will give hundreds of Canberrans safe, secure and affordable places to live, ” said ACT Greens housing spokesperson Veronica Wensing.

“Putting the community first means making sure that every Canberran has somewhere to live - and doesn’t have to sacrifice food, transport or basic necessities to make ends meet. 

“Over the past term of the Assembly, the Greens championed the growth of the public housing stock in the ACT for the first time in a decade. Now we’re building on that work to deliver more affordable housing to the community.   

“This $21 million investment in community housing is a game changer for so many members of our community struggling to find somewhere to live - students, new migrants, women fleeing abusive relationships, the list goes on. 

The ACT Greens will continue to break down concentrations of disadvantage and promote social inclusion by increasing the construction of new, energy efficient and socially inclusive community housing across Canberra,” said Ms Wensing.


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