Investing in our mental health

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Following World Suicide Prevention Day, ACT Greens health spokesperson Indra Esguerra has announced the ACT Greens’ plan to invest in the mental health and wellbeing of Canberrans.

“The ACT Greens want Canberra to be a place where we invest in peoples’ wellbeing, and where people can get the help they need, when they need it,” Ms Esguerra said.

“That's what today's announcement is about. Our plan would create a dedicated Office for Mental Health to advise government on what is working and what is not working; coordinate services to help Canberrans access the help they need and identify and work to close the gaps that exist in our mental health system.”

“We have been hearing from carers and service providers that there are gaps in our mental health system and long waiting lists for child and adolescent mental health. The Office for Mental Health will be able to examine all the mental health services in our city, identify the gaps in our system and ensure that all Canberrans can access the help they need.

Ms Esguerra said this announcement builds on the Greens’ previous announcements on youth mental health and the adoption of a 50% suicide prevention target.

“The Greens are putting mental health at the front and centre of this election as it is so critical to our wellbeing - one in three Canberrans will need a mental health service in their lifetime, and we need to make sure that our system serves them well.

“This plan is about putting the community first, and making sure everyone who needs help gets it,” said Ms Esguerra.

Click here to download the initiative.