Don't punish the sick

Here are some ideas you could use in your email to Health Minister Dutton and Senator Seselja:

Free, universal access to quality healthcare is a mainstay of our Australian society.  

  • The budget attack on medicare is an attack on the poor, the young, the elderly and people with chronic illnesses who do not deserve to be punished for getting sick.

  • Medicare is about fairness. It’s about making sure that the size of your wallet doesn’t determine the quality of healthcare you receive. This attack on medicare is an attack on our Australian values and our communities.

  • Almost 50% of GP visits in Canberra are bulk billed. The attack on Medicare will force bulk billing patients in Canberra to cough up an extra five million dollars every year.

  • With jobs being cut, Newstart slashed and life made harder for single parents, people with disabilities and young people - making healthcare more expensive just isn’t fair.

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