Marriage and More

The ACT Greens have today launched 'Marriage and More', a plan to end discrimination and keep fighting for equality for LGBTI people in the ACT. The plan includes new laws to recognise overseas same-sex marriages and ban damaging reparative therapies.

"The Greens have always stood up for full equality for LGBTI people, and we always will," said ACT Greens LBGTI spokesperson Veronica Wensing.

"We are the only party resolute in standing for marriage equality, no ifs and no buts - and we certainly don’t believe people’s human rights should be put to a massive public opinion poll!

"My partner and I were married for three days under Canberra's equal marriage laws before they were struck down. I know as well as anyone how important equality and recognition is. That's why we will introduce laws to recognise overseas same-sex marriages here in the ACT.

"But, equality is not just about marriage - it’s about much more. We know that members of the LGBTI community face stigma and barriers to accessing certain health services. That’s why we have

“We will also move to ban reparative therapy, which has proven to be so harmful to our community.

"Reparative therapy, or ‘conversion’ therapy, is a dangerous tactic that often leads to anxiety, depression, substance abuse and suicide among LGBTI people. The ACT Greens will pass laws to ban this damaging practice in the ACT," said Ms Wensing.

Ms Wensing said she was proud to be launching this plan with a party that had been on the forefront of LBGTI rights.

"All of the wins for our community have been hard fought over the years, and the Greens have been there since the beginning. We can't risk going backwards with so much at stake at this election.

"The Greens have driven and delivered the biggest LBGTI reforms this city has seen - and we will fight to protect them."

Click here to download the initiative.