Love in Canberra - Marriage Equality Rally

What: Love in Canberra - Rally for Marriage Equality
When: 12pm, Sunday 21st June
Where: Garema Place, Canberra
Organisers: GetUp and Australian Marriage Equality

From Facebook:

We're getting closer and closer to ending marriage discrimination in Australia every day – but as the winter break of Parliament begins, we need to make sure this momentous change isn't swept under the Parliamentary rug.

Working with our friends at Australian Marriage Equality, this Sunday GetUp! members and hundreds of Canberrans will rally for an end to marriage discrimination in Australia, and give an extra push for that free vote Prime Minister Abbott has hinted could be just around the corner. 

Right now, organisations like the Australian Christian Lobby are organising, calling on MPs to "preserve marriage for future generations". It's crucial we remind our politicians the people they should be listening to are the 72% of Australians from all walks of life who support marriage equality.

This event will be fun, family friendly and all about celebrating love and equality. Feel free to wear brightly coloured clothes (and your GetUp shirt, if you have one) – and if you'd like, make a sign and bring along anything that will make the occasion feel festive! 

Speaker announcements coming soon!