ACT Greens to take light rail to Woden

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The ACT Greens will deliver stage two of light rail to Woden if elected in October, announced ACT Greens MLA, Shane Rattenbury.

“The ACT Greens’ vision for light rail has always been for an integrated network across the city, that’s why we included the light rail master plan in the Parliamentary Agreement,” said Mr Rattenbury.

“The second stage to Woden will create a spine that connects the city’s north and south in line with the Greens’ commitment to deliver light rail right across the Territory.

“The Greens are already looking forward to future stages, including actively considering an extension into Mawson.

“There are great benefits in bringing light rail to the south of Canberra, including fantastic opportunities to revitalise the Woden town centre with vibrant urban development that comes with light rail.

“By 2040 we expect thousands more people travelling from Woden towards the City in the morning peak and employment in the Parliamentary Triangle is expected to dramatically increase between now and 2041. The Greens believe that every Canberran should be able to travel to and from work easily, affordably and without having to sit in traffic for hours.

“Our city is at a turning point. We’ve just turned 100 years old, and it’s time to make decisions that will shape our city’s future. As the population grows, light rail will keep Canberra connected and get cars off the road.

“Light rail is about making life in Canberra better so that people don’t end up stuck in traffic every day, and setting our growing city up for the future.

“The Greens’ plan is to extend light rail right across Canberra - connecting north and south – to create a vibrant city that is sustainable and easy get around.

“The ACT Greens have campaigned for light rail for over ten years, and I am pleased that the Labor Party recognises the benefits that a Canberra-wide light rail network. And who knows, twenty years down the track the Liberals might just come out in support of it too,” said Mr Rattenbury.