Canberra Liberals must act after lifeline takes plebiscite related calls

Veronica Wensing, ACT Greens spokesperson for marriage equality, has condemned the Liberal Government'sa ppalling plebiscite legislation and called on the Canberra Liberals again to stand up to their Federal counterparts and to match the ACT Greens' funding commitment to LGBTI services

"This is devastating. Peoples' lives are being put needlessly at risk and the Canberra Liberals either don't care or support the dangerous plebiscite proposal that is hurting so many people and their families. 

Information leaked yesterday suggests that Lifeline has seen a spike in distress calls about the plebiscite.

"As a lesbian and a member of the community that the Liberal Government's plebiscite targets, I am not surprised that LGBTI Australians are experiencing distress, discrimination and pain in response to the proposed plebiscite. 

"Let's be very clear - the Liberal Party have made a decision that placating Cory Bernardi and the far-right back bench is more important than protect the lives, wellbeing and safety of LGBTI members of our community. 

"It is unacceptable and the Canberra Liberals, and Senator Zed Seselja, should stand up for the thousands of LGBTI Canberrans they supposedly represent, and condemn it."