Growing support for legalisation of medical cannabis

 Almost 66% of Australians support the legalisation of cannabis for medical purposes according to a recent 7News/ReachTEL National poll said ACT Greens MLA, Shane Rattenbury.

 “The poll, conducted on 21 July 2014, surveyed over 3000 Australians and shows that not only is public support for medical use of cannabis growing rapidly, it cuts across party lines. (See link to survey results)

 “69.9% of Labor supporters polled support the legalisation of cannabis for medical purposes, along with 56.6% of Liberal National Party supporters.  The highest support came from Greens supporters, with 79.4% in favour of legalisation.

 “The public discussions about the medicinal use of cannabis are ongoing, and I am encouraged by the level of debate and discussion that happening at all levels of our community.

 “Having released draft legislation this week to allow medicinal use of cannabis, I look forward to more in-depth discussions with my Assembly colleagues in the coming days and weeks to further progress the issue and build a consensus on legislation that reflects community opinion and expectations.

 “I have already received many emails and letters in the short time since I released the discussion paper, and it is clear that the community has welcomed discussion of this issue and is ready to support the legalisation of medical cannabis.

 “This week is, coincidentally, National Pain Week and a good time to reflect on those in our community who may be suffering and consider what this legislation might mean for their quality of life.

 “This legislation is about showing compassion to members of our community who are suffering and making their lives more bearable and dignified.

 Statement ends