Greens launch plan to support Canberra's artists

ACT Greens Arts spokesperson Indra Esguerra today released the Greens $19 million plan to support Canberra's artists and creative industries.

"Artists and creative industries not only enrich our community and our lives, they also contribute to our economy and local employment - yet many artists struggle to make a living making and performing their art," Ms Esguerra said.

"A vibrant and creative city like Canberra needs spaces for artists and performers to meet, create, display, practice and perform.

“That’s why the Greens will invest $1.75 million in a Curator for the City who will negotiate with building owners to facilitate affordable arts spaces, improve events programming throughout the year for local artists and musicians and ensure a minimum percentage of local artist content at big ticket Canberran events such as Enlighten and Floriade.

Ms Esguerra also announced a plan for entertainment precincts in Canberra.

"Canberra’s music and events culture has evolved organically, with entertainment venues popping up everywhere from the city to town centres and at local shops.

“While this is a demonstration of our creative and lively city, sometimes this has led to tension between residents and entertainment venues.

"The ACT Greens will establish designated Entertainment Precincts where music and events will be encouraged.

“Our plan also includes creating a micro-grants fund to support alcohol-free events across Canberra.

“Part of putting the community first means investing in the arts, music and culture that bring so much joy to so many peoples’ lives,” said Ms Esguerra.

Click here to download the initiative