Canberra Liberals "integrity package" is a sham and a farce

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The ACT Greens say the Canberra Liberals' "integrity package" has been exposed as a sham in light of their opposition to an ACT Integrity Commission with investigative powers.

"The Canberra Liberals' 'integrity package' has been exposed as a sham and a farce," said ACT Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury.

"After years of smears and innuendo against their political opponents, they've balked at the idea of an ACT Integrity Commission with real teeth and investigative powers.

"Perhaps it's because they don't want an independent body looking into their recent donations from interstate property developers – or maybe they're simply content to continue using these issues as a political football without taking real action.

"Our proposal for an ACT Integrity Commission would allow for independent investigations into allegations of misconduct. It would also provide advice and support for agencies to improve their standards.

"Other parts of the country – like NSW – waited until it was too late to take this kind of action. We need to learn from their mistakes," Mr Rattenbury said.

Mr Rattenbury is now calling for Canberra Liberals leader Jeremy Hanson to back a proposed Integrity Commission with powers similar to the NSW ICAC.

"Putting the community first means holding ourselves to the highest standards – and so far, only the Greens have shown a commitment to making that happen.

"It's not too late for Mr Hanson to show some backbone and support our proposal."

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