Improving Justice in the ACT

The ACT Greens are announcing a $11.2 million commitment to tackle the drivers of crime, featuring a specialised Alcohol and Other Drug Court, to keep people in our community safe and reduce the number of people in prison.  

“The evidence is clear that our current approach to illicit drug use has failed people with addictions, and our community. If we want safer communities, it is time for new thinking in Australia and the ACT,” said Mr Rattenbury.

“While the Liberal and Labor parties continue their costly and ineffective law and order approach to addiction, the Greens have the courage to tackle the causes of crime and treat drug and alcohol addiction like the health issues that they are. 

“The Greens are committed to investing more in our communities to prevent crime, provide more and better community legal support and protect the rights of victims who often - tragically - continue to suffer as a result of the criminal justice process,” said Mr Rattenbury. 

Greens candidate and spokesperson on health Indra Esguerra added:

“The Liberal and Labor parties’ failure to treat drug and alcohol use as a health issue is a failure to treat it at all. Their outdated law-and-order approach is costing the community millions and failing to tackle the underlying drivers of criminal behaviour.

“The Greens’ commitment to establishing an Alcohol and Other Drug Court follows the successful rollout of this model in New Zealand and other jurisdictions, to prevent reoffending and ensure that people get the treatment they really need.  

“If we can treat the source of the issues, by helping people get through their drug or alcohol addictions, we can stop the cycle of crime and improve the quality of life for those individuals, their families, and the broader community,” said Ms Esguerra.  

The ACT Greens will: 

» Establish a specialised ACT Drug and Alcohol Court

» Provide $3 million in additional funding for the ACT’s Community Legal Centres

» Reduce recidivism by 25% by 2025

» Improve access to justice by increasing ACT Court funding, including ACAT;

» Introduce ‘right to appeal’ laws; and

» Legislate for a Charter of Victims’ Rights

The full initiative is here.