Human Rights Standards for ACT Corrective Services: community feedback sought

Shane Rattenbuiry, MLA

Community feedback is welcomed on Human Rights Standards that will apply to ACT Corrective Services to ensure detainees are safe and have regular access to treatment and rehabilitation.

The ACT Government has today released standards which outline how a detainee will supported from their initial contact with corrections through to their release. Correctional centres in the ACT must be a safe and secure environment where all persons are protected from harm and feel safe, and security is managed in the least restrictive way possible in the circumstances.

Key focus areas include:

  • Safety;
  • respect and dignity;
  • purposeful activity;
  • rehabilitation and release planning.

Together this creates a platform to focus on detainee rehabilitation, including education, training and work opportunities. The focus is to take every measure possible to maximise a detainee’s ability to integrate into the community upon release.

The Human Right Standards are monitored by a number of oversight agencies and review functions. The Inspector of Correctional Services has a vital role to play in identifying any systemic issues in adult corrections, proposing solutions and working collaboratively to promote continuous improvement.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Corrections Shane Rattenbury:

“Rather than speak of human rights in esoteric terms, these standards give real meaning to our commitment to human rights and supporting the successful reintegration of offenders into our community.”

The Human Rights Standards are available at Consultation is open until 18 May 2018.