Greens to double homelessness funding

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The Greens have announced a plan to double Federal funding to frontline homelessness services, by using a portion of the revenue raised through changes to negative gearing and the capital gains tax exemption.

ACT Greens Senate candidate Christina Hobbs said the Turnbull Government should overturn the Abbott Government’s cruel cuts to our most vulnerable people.

“Today on Youth Homelessness Matters Day, many young people are sleeping rough, or on someone’s couch, which shouldn’t be happening in Canberra.

“In the space of five years, there was a 70 percent increase in homelessness across Canberra – an inexcusable situation in a city as wealthy as ours.

“Something isn't right when the wealthier end of town is receiving tax cuts and subsidies, but when it comes to someone’s right to a safe place to sleep each night, the Government​ turn​s​ ​its back.

“It’s time for action to ensure safe, secure, and affordable housing for Canberra’s young people and all homeless people,” Ms Hobbs said.

ACT Greens candidate for Yerrabi Veronica Wensing added that Canberra's homelessness services were in desperate need of a funding boost.

“Just last week, the Greens met with ACTCOSS and ACT Shelter to receive the Stories of Home - where Canberra families shared their story of housing stress and homelessness here in Canberra.

“We know services here in Canberra are being pushed to the brink ever since the Liberal Government refused to provide funding certainty under the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness.

“We've made good progess with initiatives like Common Ground - a project driven by Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury - but so much more needs to be done,” Ms Wensing said.

Making the announcement on Youth Homelessness Matters Day, the Greens say the plan would deliver $1.1billion each year for the next ten years to meet surging demand from people experiencing homelessness.

Click here to download the our Homeless Services Action Plan.

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Youth homelessness in Canberra:

  • 42% of Australia’s homeless population is under 25 years old. 17% are under 12 (ABS Census, 2011)
  • The last census in 2011 reported a 70 per cent rise in homelessness from 2006, with 1785 Canberrans experiencing homelessness (ABS Census, 2011)
  • Young people are especially at risk. Over 40 per cent of people experiencing homelessness on Census night were under 25 (ABS Census, 2011)
  • In Canberra, almost a third of people seek help for homelessness because of relationship breakdowns, including domestic violence (ABS Census, 2011)
  • Almost 3700 Canberrans sought help for homelessness in 2014-15, up 65 per cent in five years (Evaluation of reforms to the ACT Specialist Homelessness Service system, 2015)
  • In 303 cases, crisis services were unable to help because no accommodation was available (Evaluation of reforms to the ACT Specialist Homelessness Service system, 2015)​