Funding for the Heart Foundation’s “Active Living” Program

The ACT Greens have committed $200K per year to continue funding for the ACT Heart Foundation’s very successful Active Living Program.

The program is at risk of ending because the ACT Government has not renewed its funding after this financial year.

“It would be a terrible outcome to lose the Heart Foundation’s Active Living program,” said Shane Rattenbury, ACT Greens spokesperson for transport.  

“The ACT Government still has a long way to go when it comes to implementing active living principles, especially in areas such as the planning and design of healthy and sustainable neighbourhoods.  

“The Heart Foundation’s Active Living program has been especially valuable in this space, helping to improve Government policies and to overcome years of planning that has focused on roads and cars - an approach that will make our city congested, unhealthy and polluted.”  

“The ACT Greens have a plan to make Canberra into the Active Travel Capital; that is, a world-leading city for walking, cycling and public transport,” said Greens health spokesperson Indra Esguerra.

“This is the way to make a healthy, sustainable and people-friendly Canberra.

“We can’t have the ACT going the way of other States, such as NSW, where the short-sighted Liberal Government has axed the highly valued Council for Active Living.

“The Greens will put the community first by focussing on good transport and active living outcomes for Canberra, and by ensuring we fund the valuable organisations that help achieve these outcomes.”

The ACT Greens have previously announced a series of initiatives to transform Canberra into the “active travel capital”, including:  

  • Investing an additional $84 million into funding walking and cycling infrastructure right across Canberra – including new facilities, improved maintenance, and better connections to schools and other local destinations;

  • Beginning work on a bicycle hubs for town centres which provide dedicated storage, shower, change and bike service facilities;

  • Implementing new, best practice active travel design standards to ensure modern, high quality infrastructure;

  • Starting work on a ‘bike share’ scheme for Canberra.

  • Creating a well-resourced Active Travel Office and employing an Active Travel Coordinator.

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