Greens welcome committee report on vulnerable road users

Shane Rattenbury, ACT Greens Member for Molonglo, today welcomed the release of an Assembly Committee Report on ‘vulnerable road users’, such as pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcycle riders.

Mr Rattenbury moved an Assembly resolution in May 2013 to establish the Committee, which has spent the last year inquiring into the matter.  

“The Committee has made several useful recommendations, covering issues like education, rule changes and infrastructure improvements, which I think will improve recognition and protections for people like pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycle riders,” said Mr Rattenbury.

“Recommendations cover areas for reform such as:

  • Slower speeds in areas like schools and some residential areas;
  • improved infrastructure such as shared, priority crossings;
  • reforms to driver training to take more account of vulnerable road users;
  • minimum overtaking distances for vehicles passing cyclists, and;
  • improved education measures, including training on cycling in primary schools

“Many stakeholder and community groups have also welcomed the report, including the Amy Gillett Foundation, the ACT Heart Foundation and Pedal Power ACT.

“I look forward to the Government responding to the recommendations positively, making good on its commitment to both improve safety for road users, and to support an increase in these sustainable modes of transport.

The ACT Government should be able to say to all people, no matter whether you are a pedestrian or cyclist, a young person or an old person: ‘Canberra is a safe and convenient place for you to travel’.

“The Committee received nearly 60 submissions and held several days of witness hearings. I thank the Committee and all of those who contributed to the Committee for their efforts on this important issue,” said Mr Rattenbury.

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