Greens support redraft of Project Specific Legislation

ACT Greens Member for Molonglo, Shane Rattenbury, has supported the withdrawal of the Project Facilitation Amendment Bill, which is currently before the Assembly.

“Following the introduction of the Bill earlier this year, I received a substantial amount of community feedback which prompted me to call for a committee inquiry into the Bill to allow a forum for the community to have their say,” said Mr Rattenbury.

“This process demonstrated that there were a number of issues the community was concerned about that needed consideration before the bill could progress. 

“I have agreed to the withdrawal of the Bill in order to redraft a version more in line with the feedback from the community.  I believe it is important for the government to continue to respond to community feedback.

“The original Bill established a framework for the facilitation of fast-tracking the secure mental health unit.

“It is important that this project, which is a high priority for the community, is still able to proceed and I remain committed to supporting new legislation that applies only to the development of the secure mental health unit.

“This legislation will then act as a case study for the possible future development of project specific legislation, or provide a basis to establish an agreed framework for possible future high priority developments further down the track.

“I believe this is a sensible approach as it will provide the government with an opportunity to develop an agreed framework which will have limited implementation for specific facilities that have broad community support and are of high priority for the Territory.

“I will be seeking further feedback from the community on the development of new project facilitation legislation and I will continue to work in the Assembly to identify ways to limit the use of the Ministerial call-in power, and to strongly advocate against the application of these powers in the Heritage Act.