Greens move to ban lies in political ads

The ACT Greens have today called for Truth in Political Advertising laws to give the ACT community confidence that political parties, and political leaders, are telling the truth.

“This election, candidates and political parties have been telling outright lies. The community deserves better,” said Veronica Wensing, ACT Greens candidate for Yerrabi.

“The Liberals are lying about light rail, they are lying about rates, they’re lying about buses and they are lying about health. They will say anything to win.

“Right now, political parties are held to an even lower standard than businesses who are prohibited from misleading or deceiving consumers.

“If the Liberals were held to that standard, many of their roadside signs would have to be taken down and election materials pulped.

“Truth in Advertising laws simply require there to be a ruling on the facts of the advertising. Our laws would make sure the community isn’t lied to before Election Day.

“We don’t  let car companies like Volkswagen get away with lying about fuel efficiency, so why would we let politicians like Jeremy Hanson get away with lying about the cost of light rail?

“We will implement Truth in Advertising laws so the community can have confidence that they aren’t being lied to. And, if they are, then our laws would empower the Electoral Commissioner to have any lies withdrawn.

“The Greens believe in integrity and transparency. We will call out dishonesty and blatant mistruths, because the community deserves better.”

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