Greens campaign can make history

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ACT Greens Senate candidate Christina Hobbs is preparing for an historic campaign.

“The ACT is one of the most marginal senate seats in the country, and we are within reach of giving the ACT its first ever Greens Senator,” says Ms Hobbs.

“We're seeing a political shift in Australia and across the world, with voters turning their backs on major parties in droves. People are craving authentic voices in parliament - and that's what I'm offering.

“While the other parties continue to fight each other in a race to the bottom, Canberrans are craving vision and a representative with the courage to take on important issues - like transitioning our economy to a clean energy future, making our tax system fairer and finding a humane approach to people seeing asylum.

“Unlike the other parties, the Greens care about what life will be like in 50 years, not just the next three.

“I have my eyes firmly fixed on the issues that matter to Canberrans, like ensuring job security, a strong public sector and protecting our beautiful natural environment.”

Ms Hobbs said that Canberra is missing out on the progressive representation it deserves.

“Canberra is the centre of Government, but at election time we are way down the political agenda. Both major parties assume they will win a Senate seat, and take Canberra for granted.

“We have the chance to change all of that by replacing one Australia's most conservative Liberal Senators - Zed Seselja - with a progressive Green.

“I'm calling on Canberrans to vote for a caring and sustainable Australia and to vote against cuts, cruelty and environmental destruction.

“I am looking forward to an exciting and tough campaign.”

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